7 dot rainbow inspired fused glass light catcher measuring approximately 23 cm by 4 cm

It takes two firings to create these 7 dot rainbow inspired fused glass light catchers, which will add a little cheer to your home or garden all year long, even when the sun isn’t shining!

Using only transparent glass, these light catchers need two firings.  In the first firing, the individual dots are created in our glass kiln at a high temperature. The second firing fuses the dots to the base, thus creating one piece of glass. A small hole is drilled at the top of the glass and each light catcher is hung on waxed cotton, and measures approximately 23 cm by 4 cm.

We photograph our star light catchers in our studio and therefore there may be slight colour differences between your screen colour and the actual product.

If there is a specific colour scheme, quantity or size you would like for a light catcher, please get in contact.