I have been constantly fascinated by glass, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 when a spur of the moment visit to a Devon costal village, and a random walk past a gallery would turn into providing an outlet for my creativity. Since then I’ve fallen in love with making, experimenting, testing and just playing with glass. And with a mathematical and science based brain and the ability to play with light through colours I am currently on an interesting exploration which is inspired by almost limitless possibilities.

And this exploration is a family affair.

My husband joined this adventure early on, and with a meticulous eye for detail he also ensures that all our glass is displayed in the best way to brighten up any house.

And now our young children and their entrepreneurial thinking are seeing this as a family business. From looking at glass as a medium with no boundaries and constantly suggesting ideas and additions to what we currently do, to negotiating their commission rates for selling items, our two boys have one clear goal on their mind, business class tickets so they can go and visit family and friends around the world!